Peace-Of-Mind While You're Away

More and more people are away from their home due to business obligations, vacations, or other personal matters. Since absentee homeowners aren’t easily available to handle emergencies, attend the overseeing of repairs, or perform basic errands, caring for a home can be a challenge. As well, most insurance companies require that someone check on a property at specific times, which can be a burden for absentee homeowners.

Areas we service: Lost Tree Village, Seminole Golf, Old Port Cove, Palm Beach Shores, Seminole Landing, and other surrounding communities!

Lost Tree Village Home Watch Services

  • Weekly, Bi-Monthly, or Monthly Packages
  • Home Inspection & Security
  • Routine walk over and check the overall condition of the home & property
  • Inspect for landscape concerns
  • Check sprinkler systems
  • Pool & Spa:
    • Water levels
    • leaks
    • pump operation
    • ensure pool/spa heaters are off
  • Check A/C Unit, HVAC, thermostats, humidistats, dehumidifiers, etc.
  • Look for signs of intrusion
  • Check Automobiles
  • Inspect plumbing
    • dripping faucets
    • flush toilets
    • run water
  • Check electrical & circuit breakers
    • ensure timers are working properly
    • replace bulbs if needed
  • Ensure security system is functioning properly
  • Check Phone Lines
  • Check windows & doors
    • ensure all are properly locked & secured
    • Inspect for any leaks and/or damage
  • Check the hot water tank
    • ensure vacation setting if warranted
  • Pest, mold & mildew control
  • Check Garage Condition
  • Check the roof, ground-level, & soffit vents
  • General Cleanliness
    • Pick up newspapers, mail, & packages
  • Check propane tank levels: generators, pool/spa heating

*We accommodate any special requests.

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