Personal Information

Cojie is a recent graduate who embarked on her professional journey in 2023, driven by two unyielding passions: technology and music. As one of the trusted Admin for the dynamic duo, Maria and Josh, Cojie fearlessly delves into the intricacies of the digital world, ensuring seamless virtual experiences for their endeavors. With a deep understanding of technology’s nuances, Cojie strives to stay ahead of the curve, providing expert support to enhance Maria and Josh’s online presence. Apart from her tech-savvy nature, Cojie’s heart finds solace and inspiration in the music ministry. As a talented song leader and pianist, she skillfully uses her musical gifts to lead others in songs of praise and foster a strong sense of community. Guided by her unwavering Christian values, Cojie approaches every task, whether technical or musical, with integrity, honesty, and compassion, aiming to create positive impacts in all¬†interactions.